Glass and Plexiglass Cutting

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Services: Glass or Plexiglass Cutting

One of our many services at Great Falls Ace Hardware is plexiglass cutting or glass cutting to size. We have an area prepared in the store. We also source an array of glass sizes to make sure the item is totally what you need. Need a window repaired? Or maybe even a glass table was shattered and you need the glass interchanged? Our professional employees will cut to size and measure the glass for a hasty turn around time so you can reach the finish line with your project or fix.

Tasks for glass or plexiglass projects.

Are you on the job with a specialized venture that calls for a particular size square or rectangle shape glass or plexiglass piece? Perhaps you need to restore a wall shelving, old window, or any glass shelf? Our patrons have brought in a lot of items for replacement glass, like shower doors, as well as, items they are re-purposing, like glass furniture or shelving. Call us for all your glass replacements with so many sizes, we are sure to correct the situation.


We also cut to size plexiglass (or acrylic)! Plexiglass can be used for a variety of designs and is a secure and shatterproof substitute to glass. Plexiglass (or acrylic) is carried in store and we have a multitude sizes accessible. If we don’t have the size you are searching for within reach we can get it! Plexiglass is functional and dense. In case you are shaping a cover for sump pumps, replacing basketball backboards, or even for worthier projects like hockey rinks. We can do it quickly and get it cut to size just for you!

We are in your area, Ace Hardware is your glass cutting and plexiglass cutting center in Great Falls, Montana and Cascade County.